Services and Programs

Pre-Arrival Information
ISSS offers detailed pre-arrival information for international scholars who plan to engage in their exchange visitor program activity at the University of Miami. Information you need prior to arriving at the University of Miami is mailed to you along with Form DS-2019. In the pre-arrival information, you will find information regarding the Exchange Visitor Program, federal regulations, obtaining your J-1 exchange visitor visa, travel and entry to the U.S., housing, living expenses, taxes and employment eligibility verification, J-2 dependent employment, directions to International Student and Scholar Services, travel to Miami, obtaining a driver’s license, shipping belongings, local banking, and clothing suggestions.

Immigration Advising for Scholars in J-1 Status
ISSS provides advising to scholars in J-1 status with respect to the requirements and benefits of their immigration status. This service assists scholars in maintaining their immigration status and in taking advantage of the benefits afforded by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the U.S. Department of State. Such benefits include travel and reentry to the U.S., employment authorization in the U.S., extension of stay, and issuance of immigration documents for eligible dependents.

GLACIER Tax Prep Online Tax Return Preparation System
This very user-friendly online tax return preparation system is available to all University of Miami international scholars and their dependents in “J” immigration status who are nonresidents for tax purposes. Contact ISSS for further information and the code to access GLACIER Tax Prep.

Liaison with Sponsoring Embassies, Governments, and Agencies
ISSS serves as a liaison between international scholars and their sponsoring embassies, governments, and agencies by providing assistance as needed to all parties involved.

Assistance with Personal and Adjustment Problems
ISSS offers assistance to international scholars who experience personal and adjustment problems during their stay at the University of Miami. Contact ISSS if you experience personal and adjustment problems during your stay at the University of Miami so that your advisor can address these issues with you and assist you in coping with them.

Assistance in Coping with Crises
In the event of a crisis, personal or otherwise, ISSS provides assistance to and referral for international scholars.

ISSS serves in the role of an advocate and a voice for international scholars at the University of Miami. Contact ISSS if you encounter an issue that needs to be addressed and let ISSS know how we may help.