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The University of Miami (UM) is designated as a program of the U.S. Department of State's (DoS) Exchange Visitor Program (EVP).  Following a rebranding campaign by DoS in 2020, the private sector component of the EVP is now referred to as BridgeUSA Program.

BridgeUSA annually attracts around 300,000 individuals to the United States from 200 countries and territories to study in U.S. high schools, universities, and research institutions; build professional networks; enhance English language and intercultural skills; and teach in U.S schools, colleges, and universities.  BridgeUSA provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to thrive as leaders in an interconnected world and to make lasting impact, both locally and globally.

Since its establishment as part of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (The Fulbright-Hays Act), the program has served as a valuable and important diplomatic tool of U.S. foreign policy.  Its mission - to increase mutual understanding between Americans and people of other countries - remains vital to U.S. national security and building people-to-people connections around the world.

UM is the sponsor of the Exchange Visitor Program P-1-00212, which is administered by the Department of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Through UM's Exchange Visitor Program, academic departments can bring qualified participants to UM departments to engage in nonclinical research, teaching, consultation, and long-term observation under the supervision of a UM faculty member. UM is authorized to sponsor exchange visitors in five program categories: Professor, Research scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Specialist, and Student. Students will not be discussed here. UM refers to participants in these program categories as "international scholars." 

For your convenience and information, ISSS has created manuals geared specifically towards explaining to UM academic departments the various procedures for bringing international scholars/exchange visitors to your department and hosting them here:

If you have any questions regarding the University of Miami's Exchange Visitor Program, please contact Claudia Zitzmann, Director, International Scholar Services, at or at 305-284-2932.

University of Miami Exchange Visitor Program Policy and Procedure Coral Gables and RSMAS Campuses

University of Miami Exchange Visitor Program Policy and Procedure Medical Campus