Other Resources

ISSS Advisor Feedback Form - click to complete
We value and appreciate your input, please take a minute to complete the ISSS Advisor Feedback Form in order to assess our customer service. Your feedback is anonymous and confidential.

Report a Bias-Related Incident - click to complete
To foster a Culture of Belonging, the University of Miami encourages everyone to report bias incidents that occur in our community so that inappropriate and unwelcome behavior may be properly addressed and the community at large can be educated. A bias incident - defined as an action, behavior or expression against an individual’s or group’s actual or perceived identity - can be reported to the Dean of Students Office via this form.

Toppel Identity-based Career Resources for International Students
Click to access Toppel Career Center's “All-in-one Virtual Career Center” offering tailored career resources, career advice, job & internship listings, a directory of Cane2Cane mentors, and event listings to support the career needs of UM international students across career and identity-based communities. Students can sign up to receive alert through the site.

UM Counseling Center Support Groups
The UM Counseling Center provides several methods of support for all University of Miami students. One of the ways in which UM Counseling Center counselors strive to expand their student reach is through student support groups. There are countless support groups that students can get involved in that meet a variety of needs. Click here for information on all the group offerings and how to join a group

Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
The Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion researches, recommends, and promotes educational and programmatic efforts consistent with the University's unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion.