Services and Programs

Pre-Arrival Information
If you're an international student or scholar who plans to study or work at the University of Miami, we have all the information you need to prepare for your arrival, including information about travel and entry into the U.S., housing, tuition and fees, expenses, health care, insurance, our services and programs, and much more.

Immigration Advising for Students and Scholars in F-1 and J-1 Status
We advise students and scholars based on the requirements and benefits of their F-1 or J-1 status and help them take advantage of the benefits afforded by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and the U.S. Department of State. Benefits include travel and re-entry to the U.S., employment authorization in the U.S., program extension, and issuance of immigration documents for eligible dependents. Additionally, we offer the Online Immigration Session, which provides additional information on maintaining immigration status.

Employment Information and Authorization
We also assist international students who may be eligible for job opportunities on- and off-campus with employment information and work authorizations. The F-1 Employment Session Online goes over the different types of employment available to international students with F-1 status and walks them through the authorization procedures.

Complete International Tax Preparation Software This easy-to-use online tax preparation program is available to all University of Miami international students, scholars and their dependents who have F-1 or J-1 immigration status, are non-residents and will be using the software for tax purposes. Contact us to get more information as well as your code to access GLACIER.

Liaison with Sponsoring Embassies, Government and Agencies
We serve as a liaison between international students and scholars, and their sponsoring embassies, government and agencies by providing assistance to all parties involved.

Financial Assistance
Emergency Loans: ISSS offers short-term, small emergency loans of up to $500 for international students who have F-1 and J-1 status and experience an unforeseen financial emergency. Loan Application for Students in F-1 and J-1 Status is available online, and approval is determined on a case-by-case basis.

International Student Grant: Available through the Office of Financial Assistance and Employment, the International Student Grant assists undergraduate international students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties. Applicants must currently be a junior or senior with a 2.0 GPA or above (freshmen and sophomores with compelling cases will also be considered). Funding is limited, so submit your application in as early as you can. Click here for information on applying for this grant.

Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Funding for United States Study:  IIE’s comprehensive guide of funding opportunities for international students and professionals makes it an invaluable resource for students worldwide. Visit Funding for US Study Online to access an extensive database of scholarships, fellowships and grants organized and maintained by IIE.

Assistance with Personal and Adjustment Problems
If you are dealing with some personal problems or are having a hard time adjusting to life in Miami, contact us, and we'll pair you up with an advisor who can help you work through the situation. You are not alone. 

Assistance in Coping with Crises
If you find yourself in the midst of a crisis, personal or otherwise, please know that we are here to assist you or refer you to someone who can help. Do not hesitate to reach out. 

Cross-Cultural Activities for Exchange Visitor Program Participants

Our cross-cultural activities are open to UM scholars in J-1 status as well as their dependents in J-2 status. Invitations are distributed approximately one month prior to each event and include details about the event and how to confirm attendance.