Resolving Status Problems

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  • What it Means to be "Out-of-Status"

    If you are admitted to the U.S. in J-1 status and fail to comply with J-1 immigration regulations, you will be considered "out of valid program status." In order to regain valid J-1 program status, you must request and obtain a reinstatement from U.S. Department of State (DoS).  While out-of-status, you are subject to expedited removal from the U.S. and ineligible for any type of employment.

    As a J-1 scholar, you may lose your program status for any of the following reasons:

    • Failing to engage in the approved J-1 exchange visitor program activity.
    • Failing to complete a timely transfer procedure if transferring to or from another J-1 exchange visitor program sponsor.
    • Entering the U.S. with a Form DS-2019 for one institution but engaging in your J-1 activity at another institution without prior approval from your J-1 exchange visitor program sponsor.
    • Failing to complete a program extension in a timely manner.
    • Having an expired passport.
    • Failing to obtain or maintain the required health insurance at all times while in the U.S.*
    • Working off campus without prior authorization if such employment cannot be authorized retroactively.*
    • Being suspended or terminated from the most recent exchange visitor program.*
    • Failing to maintain valid J-1 program status for more than 270 calendar days.*
    • Receiving a favorable recommendation from DoS on an application for waiver of the two-year home country physical presence requirement of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act.*
    • Failing to pay the SEVIS Form I-901 fee.*
    * In these cases, you are ineligible for reinstatement and must leave and reenter the U.S. with a new SEVIS record, J-1 visa and Form DS-2019 to regain J-1 program status.  The latter is not possible if you are subject to the 12-month after prior participation or 24-month bar on repeat participation.

  • Procedures for Reinstatement to J-1 Program Status

    If you have failed to maintain J-1 program scholar status, you must contact your J-1 program sponsor for assistance. If your J-1 program sponsor is the University of Miami, International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will assist you in preparing the documentation required to request reinstatement from the DoS in case you are eligible to apply for reinstatement.

    J-1 scholars who have failed to maintain valid program status for 120 days or less must provide the following documents to ISSS:

    • Copies of all prior Forms DS-2019;
    • Evidence of payment of the $220.00 SEVIS fee;
    • Check or money order for $367.00 made payable to the "University of Miami"

    J-1 scholars who have failed to maintain valid program status for more than 120 but less than 270 days must show inadvertence or circumstances beyond their control and unusual hardship if reinstatement were not granted. All other elements of the reinstatement application are the same.
    DoS expects to act on the reinstatement request within 45 days from their receipt of the request. If DoS approves the reinstatement, it will notify your J-1 program sponsor via email, at which point your J-1 program sponsor should access your SEVIS record and print a new Form DS-2019 for you (as well as for any J-2 dependents you may have). If the reinstatement request is denied, DoS will notify the J-1 program sponsor regarding the denial.